July 24, 2024

Will Trent: We need to find a way to keep Mark Paul Gosselaar and Jennifer Morrison

Will Trent continued it’s excellent early run this week, with our first mystery coming to a close and bringing Emma Campano home.

We had some more great times with this young series. I’m already a Betty disciple, and enjoyed Will Trent trying to make things right after he shouted at her. The idea of this tiny dog in a house alone listening to OutKast is certainly one to behold.

Then we also have to talk about how gorgeous this show looked this week. The colors as Trent questioned the students on that college campus was a joy to look at, as was his office without chairs and even the final scene of himself painting the house.

But as the story moves on, I’m a little concerned. The first two episodes have worked in part because of the Campano family. And specifically the parents played by good old Zach Morris and Emma Swan. Of course I mean television veterans Mark Paul Gosselaar and Jennifer Morrison. Both who were absolutely crushing it in their roles during these first two episodes.

While I have no doubt that Ramon Rodriguez and Erika Christensen could continue on alone, I’m expecting a withdraw with other characters not bringing in enough emotional weight as Gosselaar and Morrison.

In other words, we’re spoiled.

Still, you know I’ll be here next week. Where is my Betty merch?!

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