July 23, 2024

Lopez vs. Lopez: Dog food episode was hilarious and the best of the series so far

“That’s what I’m talking about!”

This week’s episode of Lopez vs. Lopez, Lopez vs. Pride, was by far the funniest of the series up to this point, as everyone in the cast had their chance to shine, and the laughs never stopped. This was the kind of comedy television that I’d hoped for when the show started. It was top notch trainwreck TV that I couldn’t take my eyes off of.

Mayan made me laugh with her first Tik Tok commercial, as she became the ambassador for a dog food company with Churro wearing the monocle, then there was Brookie and Lizzo the Lizard, followed by the tranquilizer talk between Dr. Pocha and George. All of it was winning.

Then there was the dynamic between Quinten and Chance which continues to be a winner and led to that funny chat with Rosie and and Quinten declaring he wanted his son to be a “Proud. Boy.” (punctuation matters here). And I even enjoyed Ms. Garcia (Michelle Ortiz) and wouldn’t mind seeing her being the over controlling teacher more often.

Then when the big moment came and we saw George and Mayan eating the actual dog food and hurling, I was rolling. Then when Churro went to eat the vomit, I absolutely lost it. Just great TV.

This show has proven that when it’s bad, it’s bad.

But it also proved this week that when its great, it can be really great. And they haven’t missed since Christmas.

See you next time!

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