Young Rock: Evidence insinuates that Chad Frost is Shawn Michaels

Real fast. I love Young Rock. I love television professional wrestling. I’ve been watching the latter since I was eight. My first match was watching Strike Force defeat The Hart Foundation for the Tag Titles back in the day. Since then I’ve been hooked.

But the fandom and internet culture has become toxic, with bloggers making up news and fanning the fires of unrest. No one enjoys the show anymore. They just fantasy book it to hell. That’s unfortunate.

And many of the haters don’t even watch “Young Rock” on a regular basis. They’re simply picking up on complaints and following without even understanding what’s going on. We saw that with people complaining about the cast of the WWE Attitude Era superstars. Just get over it. It’s a good show.

Anyways, let’s talk about this week’s episode with Gelgium Prime Minister Honig, stuck in a controversy over renaming a mountain top. The real jab on the show should be writers ripping the plot of “Alive” and injecting it into the script and pretending like we wouldn’t notice. But it was still a great episode as we saw oldest Dewey fully transform into The Rock we all loved back then and still enjoy now. Great story this week with the reality of the business moving front and center.

But who is Chad Frost?

Here is what we know. He was an Attitude Era Superstar who was on the decline due to injury as The Rock was getting pushed. He had long hair. He was respected by Vince and the locker room. He was being protected by Triple H.

With what we’re being given by the show, the evidence would lead us to think it was Shawn Michaels.

He was missing from the introductions. If its not Michaels, you may see the writers walk it back in a future episode.

Anyways, we had another great week on Young Rock. I’m almost looking forward to visiting older Dewey and youngest Dewey, just so we can enjoy the show that is being presented to us again.

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