July 15, 2024

Alert: “You said the eggs would help!”

Alert: Missing Persons Unit was back last night with its third outing. And real fast, the ratings were not as hot as the first couple of weeks. This was because of playoff Monday Night Football featuring Tom Brady against the Dallas Cowboys. Not too many shows can compete with that. I hope FOX realizes this.

But lets get to the episode which bordered on both excitement and goofiness, as Jay and Nikki tried to take down a billionaire sex trafficker named Baby’s Breath. I’m not making this up. And it actually wasn’t too bad.

Just a few quick notes about the episode.

We saw Kemi and Mike level up this week. And that’s important because this show leans on Scott Caan and Dania Ramirez a lot. I don’t care for the alternative methods used by Kemi, I think it adds some levity to a very tough topic but I’m not quite sure where the writers want me to go. Is it supposed to be funny? Serious? Do you want me to laugh or carefully observe? Seeing the frustrated dad smash the eggs was funny. Also, the quickie Mike and Nikki had in the closet was out of place. This is because I want Nikki with Jay. I’m also not sure what they want me to feel there either.

Also, did anybody else think that the parents on the show looked like Andy Garcia and Amy Adams? I did.

It was still entertaining. The shootout at the gas station was good and I laughed watching the dad knee cap Baby’s Breath twice. I thought it was well deserved. And the fencing between Keith and Sydney continues to be interesting as well. Watching Nikki finally decide to do the DNA test was a great way to end it. Sydney’s side eye also sent me some mixed signals.

Real fast. Shoutout to the wardrobe people on the program. I want Jay’s jacket. And everyone looked really good this week.

I’m still having fun. See you next time!

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