ESPN: Rex Ryan tees off on Brandon Staley after Chargers playoff collapse

Its not good to be Los Angeles Chargers head coach, Brandon Staley right now. He was at the helm for the epic Saturday night playoff collapse of a team that blew a 28 point lead and a +5 turnover differential against the upstart Jacksonville Jaguars, ending deep playoff run expectations and sending Justin Herbert home too soon in the 31-30 loss.

ESPN NFL analyst and former head coach, Rex Ryan, was waiting this morning on Keyshawn, JWill, and Max…

“This guy thinks he’s the smartest guy in the room. He’s not close. He might be on a math quiz or something like that. But this is football. This guy is so disrespectful to the game.” said Ryan and later added “I don’t care what Bill Walsh, Bill Parcells, Bill Bellichick, Bill anybody. Any of them. I don’t care. I’m smarter than them. No. You’re reckless. He’s been reckless ever since he took the job”.

Staley is currently rumored to be on the hot seat, although its uncertain if the Chargers will take any action after their memorable loss.

You can watch the spot below…

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