Only Murders in the Building: Why you have to make Meryl Streep the next killer

In what’s being hailed as a casting home run, because well, its one of the greatest actresses of our generation, Meryl Streep is joining the cast of “Only Murders in the Building”.

And if you’re familiar with the murder mystery dramedy, you know that they just have to make her the “big bad” next season. Doing anything else would be a waste.

It would be like asking Michael Jordan or Tom Brady to join your team, and then making them ride the bench. A tremendous waste.

What else would you have her do?

The show has selected terrific killers so far. While I did see Jan’s demented cello player coming in the first season, the Poppy White and Detective Kreps team-up did catch me off guard. I was certain Cinda Canning was to blame. Really, they could have switched it to anyone in this cast and it still might have worked.

But we need to see Meryl Streep have a showdown with our three favorite podcasters.

You would almost think of her as Ben Glenroy’s mother, who is back for revenge after her son is killed, but we’ve already seen that. Anyone know where?

That would be in Big Little Lies where she played Alex Skarsgard’s mom after he got pushed down the stairs and killed by Zoe Kravitz.

But she was great in BLL and that courtroom showdown with Nicole Kidman, even as a stand-alone scene was television excellence.

And she’s going to do it again in the next season of “Only Murders”. I truly can’t wait.

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