Will Trent: The worst break since Ross from “Friends”

If we’re being honest, I was a little bored for most of this week’s Will Trent. But when the credits began the slow build was worth it.

The murder storyline in rural Georgia was just a come-down from the high octane first two episodes of the show. We saw Will and Faith just kind of go through the motions as they tried to solve the case.

But when the reveal came down and we learned that Josie was in fact the killer, they won me back. Once again, Will Trent won the optics battle with Amanda holding that rifle on the bridge, and much credit to Iantha Richardson for making me feel something with her final scene this week. That is some good acting.

We could also say the same thing for the Angie and Ormewood story that I really could have care less for, especially they astronaut scene that just seemed out of place. But when his wife (Sara Antonio) confronted Angie about the worst “break” since Ross from friends and that fling with her husband, it once again brought me back down to earth and gave meaning to the episode title “Don’t let it happen again”.

You could say that Will Trent has proven that it could win a week of television in different ways. And that’s what it takes to keep the show fresh.

I’m still waiting for my Betty merch. See you guys next time.

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