That 90s Show: OGs aside, its almost unwatchable

Continuing their quest to destroy everything sacred from my television watching youth, Netflix has rebooted “That 70s Show” with “That 90s Show”, and the second attempt to milk any kind of laughter from the syndicated favorite (That 80s show failed miserably too) they provide only more excuses to go back and watch the original show.

The fast truth about That 90s Show is that its terrible whenever a cast member from 70s isn’t carrying the story along. Poor Kurtwood Smith and Debra Jo Rupp might have to plan a visit to the chiropractor after carrying this reboot through its entirety, as Red and Kitty Foreman try to shepherd their granddaughter Leia through her summer in 1995.

It really is good to see the Jackie, Kelso, Eric, Donna, and Fez, all who make appearances here but the majority of the workload goes to the next generation.

And sadly, none of these kids are very funny. You’d honestly be better off just fast forwarding through any scene that doesn’t feature an OG castmember.

Is this reboot savable? I’m not so sure. The new characters at their very core are more like outdated 90s stereotypes that just aren’t interesting. Even the 90s references aren’t very much fun.

It’s a disappointment, like I’m sure it will be for many out there.

Some things are better left in the past.

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