July 24, 2024

Lopez vs. Lopez: Make Stephen Tobolowsky’s Sam a recurring character

Its Ned! Ryerrrrrrrsonnnnnnnnn!

Really, I never knew I needed a George Lopez and Stephen Tobolowsky team up until the wonderful character actor, who gained notoriety as the annoying acquaintance to Bill Murray’s character in “Groundhog Day”, guest starred on Lopez vs. Lopez this week as Quinten’s dad. So much so that I would like to see him again.

It was also nimble writing to actually make the likable actor critical of his son. Matt Shivley and Brice Gonzalez are so good in their scenes together that it pulls the right emotional levers which makes Lopez defending Quinten on the show not only unusual but enjoyable. That was entire crux of this week’s show and it worked. Some good writing geometry we’ve been seeing for a couple of weeks now.

The Rosie and Mayan angle was also good.

One miss this week was the elbow joke with George. Oscar has a purpose here but they’ve got to find him some better jokes.

The show was still terrific. And you know me. If you give me nice things. I’m going to want to keep them.

Which is why I would like to see Tobolwosky’s Sam show up on the show once or twice a season if the show continues. Guys road trip would be fun.

“Am I right? Am I right? Right?”

Another fun episode. I’ll see you next time

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