Scream VI: They turned Ghostface into John Wick

The new trailer for the latest Scream sequel is out and its certainly intense. But there are some things that you’ll immediately notice.

Ghostface is kind of an action villain this time out.

In the trailer we observe the latest version of the slasher and he looks like John Wick, easily dispatching of a large aggressive customer in a convenient store and then dodging gun fire and taking out the clerk.

They’ve got Ghostface out here looking like John Wick.

Some other things you’ll notice about the trailer is Jenna Ortega looking almost exactly like her Wednesday Addams character, which is exactly what I feared for the talented young actor.

And of course, the absence of Neve Campbell, the original target of Ghostface, that producers were too cheap to bring on for another sequel. Things don’t look too hot for Gayle Weathers, the last OG played by Courtney Cox.

You can check out the trailer for John Wick 4, Scream 6 below.

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