The Bachelor: Viewers noticed how many nurses were on the show

No. You’re not alone. There are a lot of nurses trying to win Zach’s heart in the latest season of The Bachelor that premiered tonight.

In fact, 9 of the 30 women who made it on the show are either nurses or working in the medical field.

Social media had a lot to say about it..

Hospitals across America because all their nurses are on #TheBachelor

— Jermaine Terry (@jermaineterry_) January 24, 2023


Can we get all these nurses to explain to the ear-licker why that was nasty?🤢🤢

— Pimp daddy mac💅🏻 (@Mediocritea_) January 24, 2023

America you GOTTA pay your nurses more or you’ll lose them to bachelornation and we don’t want them either #TheBachelor

— not bored just burntout (@burntoutpremed) January 24, 2023

#TheBachelor single handedly causing a nurse shortage in the United States

— Jacquelyn Harn (@harn_jacquelyn) January 24, 2023


— Stonks (@kriscreama) January 24, 2023

Drink every time one of the girls is a nurse #thebachelor

— ✨delicate biscuit✨ (@delicatebiscuit) January 24, 2023

#TheBachelor producers only casting women who are nurses and/or from the south

— 𝔰𝔬𝔭𝔥𝔦𝔢🎭 (@cowgirIcommie) January 24, 2023

Every Bachelor contestant thinking they’re different and going to tell Zach that they’re a nurse#TheBachelor #Bachelor #BachelorNation

— bachbitch (@bachbitch1) January 24, 2023

I think I’ve identified a big factor in the national nurse shortage #TheBachelor

— Eric Deamer (@eric_deamer) January 24, 2023

have almost all of them been nurses or am i seeing things #TheBachelor

— MoodieforBach (@MoodieforBach) January 24, 2023

The nurse shortage is certainly due to this season of #TheBachelor #bachelor

— Jim Alexander (@TheJimAlexander) January 24, 2023

I now understand the nurse shortage #TheBachelor

— Katie Grossman (@theOGkatieg) January 24, 2023

Is every girl a nurse on this season??? #TheBachelor

— lyss 🤠 (@alyssa_rivas04) January 24, 2023

This show reminds us once again why there’s a nurse shortage in the US rn #TheBachelor

— not bored just burntout (@burntoutpremed) January 24, 2023

All these nurses on this season of #TheBachelor really because they needed a damn break after Covid

— Emma Horowitz (@emmawitz617) January 24, 2023

Everyone is a nurse #TheBachelor

— Maura (@cya_to_maura) January 24, 2023

Here’s to the continuation of the nurse to bachelor pipeline #TheBachelor

— Annie (@bach_shit) January 24, 2023

Really, I think its a great thing that so many nurses are stepping up. Its one of the most important professions we have right now and it takes a lot of heart to do the job.

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