Accused: Episode 2 isn’t available on Hulu for some users

Update: It appears that as of midnight est 1/25 into 1/26 the episode has been placed/restore. A review would be stale by now. Let’s see if we pick it up next week.

Trying to catch up on Accused? You’re not alone. Its the reason why I don’t have a review for episode 2 on my site.

The new FOX drama that takes a different case each week with different stars aired its second episode last night.

But if you tried to watch the show on Hulu today, the newest episode is nowhere to be seen. You can still watch the first episode featuring an excellent performance from Michael Chiklis though (read my review HERE).

In what I suppose is a good sign for the show, the absence of episode 2 did not go unnoticed and was addressed by Hulu support.

The Disney owned streamer isn’t having the best day. I had problems watching Will Trent earlier as well.

It might be too late for an episode 2 review despite its very controversial ending. Maybe I’ll pick it back up next week.

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