Quantum Leap: Time loop episode an opportunity for answers

After some inexplicable time off, in addition to its winter break (thanks NBC), Quantum Leap is returning with a new episode this week.

It looks like Quantum Leap is opting for a fan favorite among TV and film fans. The time loop.

Monday’s episode. “Leap. Die. Repeat” a play on the original title to Tom Cruise’s time looper “Live. Die. Repeat” or as you and I know it, “The Edge of Tomorrow” will see Ben in 1962 as he tries to figure out which member of a team working on a nuclear device will ultimately set it off.

“What kind of Groundhog’s Day is this?” a phrase used by Ben in the promo. It’s “Happy Death Day”. It’s all of those things.

As a fan, what this episode does for me is create a bunch of questions.

What is causing Ben to leap into the same day?

If Ben dies everywhere, why isn’t he dying when the bomb goes off? Is the nuclear energy affecting his leaps?

It looks like Ben is jumping into different people after each death. What is causing that?

How will Janis play into this episode? Does she have the answer? Will she get to talk to Ben?

They could really have some fun with all of this if they choose to. You can bet that there will be at least one funny death. Ben tripping over a cord or something. That’s a staple of the time loop story.

As you know, Quantum Leap has already been renewed for season 2. Writers can take a little more time to tell their story.

But tomorrow night’s episode after another break, following the winter break, could allow the show to level up. Let’s hope so.

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