Saturday Night Live: Michael B. Jordan puts in strong work on mediocre material

Saturday Night Live has been due for a miss for a few weeks now. And if we’re being honest, if they had to take an overdue “L” this was probably the way to do it. With Michael B. Jordan putting in a Creed-like effort trying to get material over the net.

The cold open missed again this week with the classified documents angle. Jordan’s monologue was fine. He did chalk up some real points committing to the roller coaster skit with the awesome Sara Sherman, and the Street Fighter spot with Bowen Yang was also pretty good.

Our biggest win of the night came from the State Farm short. That was funny stuff. Was it weird that I was actually happy to see Limu Emu and Doug? Like relieved? That is good editing and writing there. The Southwest Airlines short was also a win.

Everything else was forgettable or missed altogether.

Weekend Update fell flat. This is disappointing because after years of torturing me, Che and Jost have had the segment rocking for about the last 18 months. But like I mentioned earlier, the show had to give us a miss eventually.

Lil Baby isn’t my thing, personally. But I was engaged for both performances and I wasn’t bored. SNL continues to do a great job booking all kinds of different musical acts.

Next week is bound to be a “banger” of a show with Pedro Pascal, starring into two major programs (The Mandalorian, and The Last of Us, both FTR recommended) and Coldplay as a musical guest. Bring back Kyle Mooney as Baby Yoda please.

See you next time.

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