July 24, 2024

Alert MPU: Strong ep, but we have to talk about Dania Ramirez saying “baby” too much

Alert: Missing Persons Unit was back this week with a new episode, and the show provided viewing satisfaction by taking down another detestable weekly foe, in a cult of delusional human traffickers. A bunch of Gilead wannabes.

But first we have to talk about how these writers have Dania Ramirez’s, Nikki, talking.

There have been a few fans online that have commented on how Nikki calls everyone “baby”. I know its being used as tool to increase affability, but it’s not working. Its hurting my ears. Edit it out. Whatever you have to do, do it.

And Mike has been right about everything. He’s getting a really bad deal getting brushed away by Nikki. There really isn’t a bad guy in the way this is working out. This isn’t a complaint. Its good drama.

The whole Sidney and Keith feud is also getting very tiresome. Honestly, I’m not very enthused with either of them. They’re both coming across as unlikable. We’re supposed to believe that the skeleton is Keith but, they’re losing me.

And where the heck has C been?

Despite my complaints about the show from a landscape view, this week’s episode wasn’t bad. There was suspense there and I was invested when the team invaded the compound. We’ve gotten to the point where the individual cases are becoming more captivating than the season long arcs, and that’s both a good thing and a bad thing.

Because when the big reveals are made and the long-game arcs become the main focus, we will have lost interest a long time ago.

See you next time.

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