Trending: NFL audiences discovered “Cocaine Bear” and went nuts

Yes. Cocaine Bear is a real movie. And its got legitimate film weight behind it.

Of course, its a horror comedy but read this rundown…

It’s directed by Elizabeth Banks.

It stars Keri Russell, O’Shea Jackson Jr. Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and the late great Ray Liota.

And it’s getting a theatrical release. No bootleg Youtube shenanigans here. This thing is legitimate.

But as fans watching the NFL NFC and AFC Championship games discovered the movie, they had a lot to say.

Why does this image from the Cocaine Bear look like Gary Busey? XD I cant unsee…

— Adam (@Creepy_Monsters) January 29, 2023

Cocaine Bear

— WilliamSantiago42 (@WSantiago42) January 30, 2023

Me watching the Cocaine Bear trailer

— Blake Garman (@FrostedBlakes34) January 30, 2023

I have no interest in Cocaine Bear (2023).

— keenan (@quirkeenan) January 30, 2023

Cocaine Bear is the restaurant industry mascot we never asked for but deserve.

— Pizza Jesus ☮️ 🖤🍕 (@__lastoria) January 30, 2023

Me: Hollywood doesn’t do anything original anymore.

Hollywood: Cocaine Bear.


— AJ Hoffman (@AJIsTheReal) January 30, 2023

You know what I can’t believe from that first half?

Cocaine Bear is an actual movie.

— Mike Edmisten (@mikeedmisten) January 30, 2023

cocaine bear should’ve released before or on valentine’s day because there is nothing as romantic as watching a bear high as a kite. ❤️👼

— emma rose fox 🦇💚 (@emmarosefoxs) January 30, 2023

Did I really just see a movie preview for “Cocaine Bear”….!?!?

We, as a society, are officially out of ideas for movies.

— Justin Thomas (@JustinBarends) January 30, 2023

I can’t believe they are running Cocaine Bear ads during NFL games

— Ferris (@ferrisfitless) January 30, 2023

I just saw a commercial for a movie called “Cocaine Bear.”

Who said Hollywood ran out of original ideas?

— Ryan Talbot (@RyanTalbotBills) January 30, 2023

Who cleared this Cocaine Bear movie lol this shit can’t be real

— Dre Sinatra (@DRESINATRA) January 30, 2023

cocaine bear being a tight 95 minutes is so promising

— luca (@shehateluca) January 30, 2023

Is Cocaine Bear this decade’s Snakes on a Plane?

— Candle (@candle383838) January 30, 2023

The bear, it did cocaine. A bear. Did. Cocaine.

— c’est comme ça (@urielstraps) January 24, 2023

Cocaine bear is gonna be a movie that defines a generation

— WolfinZ (@LWolfinz) January 30, 2023

We need to discuss the trailer for the movie, and I believe it’s called, cocaine bear??

— Christina Hager (@ChristinaMHager) January 30, 2023

They made a mf movie about a bear who does cocaine, and called it “cocaine bear” what are we doing 😂

— Ty 🦦 (@JA17Bills) January 30, 2023

Did I seriously just see a trailer for a movie called “Cocaine Bear”??

— WxMamaBear (@Sioux1995) January 30, 2023

What do you think? Are you planning on seeing “Cocaine Bear”? Vote in our Cocaine Bear poll below.

Are you planning on seeing Cocaine Bear? #NFL #ChiefsKingdom #RuleTheJungle #FlyEaglesFly #FTTB #TheLastOfUs #FireCountry #NFLPlayoffs #cocainebear

— The Frank Torres Report (@ftrtoday) January 30, 2023

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