Young Rock: Here is why we didn’t see Dewey’s mom at dinner

A fascinating episode of Young Rock this week, or Young Pat, Young Giant, and Young High Chief.

We saw Prime Minister Honig soften up after her heel turn last week, which opened up another ancedote for Dwayne Johnson. Real fast. The Baywatch self jab was funny. And I’m surprised no one has expanded on the telephones we see on the show.

But let’s talk about a question I had. Mostly, where was Ata, Dewey’s mom, during the dinner scene?

Well, true to the timeline, Rocky was working with the High Chief before he was married to his daughter. Dwayne Johnson wasn’t born until 72′. The flashbacks take place in the 60s.

This also might have been the first Young Rock where we didn’t see any of the Deweys.

The fight concept that Patterson was talking about was The Royal Rumble. The best match in WWE that involves 30 superstars entering the match in one minute intervals. They just held it last week.

We met Sean Connery this week as all of the marketing indicated (story HERE )and he would eventually get to play the roles he pined for as the escaped convict in “The Rock” and the Russian Submarine captain in “The Hunt for Red October”.

Finally, I’ve attached the real scene between Connery and the High Chief below.

In closing, I’m wondering where the story goes next. This is likely the homestretch before the show finishes its run. I have a feeling we’ll be getting into Star Trek: Voyager and Mummy II territory next week.

See you then!

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