Quantum Leap: Attempting to explain the “leaper behind the wheel”

Quantum Leap aired a very kind episode this week regarding a family, and ultimately a school, coming together to protect and ultimately save the life of one of their own. Our most recent leap, which took place in 2012 was full of modern references we can all remember, and Ben leaping during a mid-jump celebration was just great.

But let’s talk about that final scene reveal. Did Ian leap into Dottie to tell Ben to leap? And if that leap took place, why? And why hasn’t it been mentioned?

With the knowledge we have before us, we’re left with a couple of possibilities. We’re going to dismiss any maliciousness by Ian because a villain turn after this episode would result in a lot of angry viewers.


Let’s throw these possibilities out there.

The successful leaps have changed everyone’s memory: Sam Beckett leaped into Magic and he has no memory. And we know that leapers can get amnesia. This needs to be considered for Ian.

It could be Ian from the future or from another reality: Maybe we’re not thinking broad enough. This could be Ian from the future or a multiverse Ian. While it would be “weak tea” and an easy way out that complicates an already complicated story, we have to look at it.

Janis or another leaper may have used Ian to cloak themselves: Where was Janis this week? She might know more about the project than anyone and we’re not seeing her. Maybe it was Sam Beckett trying to help Ben but not put anyone else in danger?

The good news is that we’ve already got season 2 on the way and we’ve got some space to explore.


The bad news is that NBC is giving us another gap and the next episode won’t be on until February 20th.

Maybe someone can leap into a network executive and give us some more consecutive shows.

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