Night Court: Let’s talk about the Rand red flags, and switch in pairings

Another episode of Night Court in the books and I enjoyed it. But the grey cloud (not chowder or soup) moving over the show is the speculation over Rand. Abby’s boyfriend who is supposed to move to the city from upstate.

He doesn’t seem right. Doesn’t he?

First off, he cancelled his visit to see Abby as she struggles to find an apartment. She did take some of the blame by admitting that its her dream she wants him to follow but she’s so nice, I could easily see him gaslighting her in some way.

Then he wants to visit all of the women from “The View”. That seems kind of weird doesn’t it?

Looking at where the show is headed over the next couple of weeks, it doesn’t seem like their in a hurry to present him to us. It could be a “Maris” over “Vera” NBC thing where we never see him but its too early to tell.

Some other notes…

“You oughta know” by Alanis Morrisette is indeed a great song.

I enjoyed switching up the pairings. We got to see Abby and Gurgs together, while Dan coached Olivia. This is an area where the show has needed improvement and I”m happy to see them trying different things.

There was an awkward cut where Abby is reading Rand’s texts and the courtroom is all of the sudden dead quiet. We can see they swung the door to make it seem like no time had passed but it was weird.

Abby calling the toothfairy a “Wily Bitch” was funny. It was also a nice touch to have Abby leave her chambers wearing her robe after her meltdown.

The next couple of episodes seem cool. I’ll blog about those later. But “Night Court” is still doing most of the things it needs to do the right way.

See you next time!

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