Abbott Elementary: The inevitability of Amber and Mo

If it seems like I’m doing this every week, it’s because every week its warranted. Quinta Brunson managed to write both an outstanding Black History Month and Valentines Day episode in the space of 22 minutes.

But I want to talk about the framing of this shot that is featured above.

You don’t have to be much of a “detective” here. Brunson is shouting this at us, but it looks like Maurice or “Mo” and Amber are bound to be together.

We had the two greeting each other at the front desk of the school, where there was some apparent chemistry.

There was the painfully uncomfortable (but entertaining) gift exchange, with Mo getting Janine a designer bag that she confused with a shopping bag, and even worse, a bouquet of Lego roses being gifted to Amber by Gregory. A living demonstration of how wrong both couples are for each other.

And then there is this shot. It’s almost symbolic really. We have Janine wanting to be with Gregory but Amber is in the physical way. And Mo wants to be with Amber but Janine is in the physical way.

It’s only a matter of time before all the parts fall where they need to. I still don’t want to see Janine and Greg together for another year or more. There are too many things going on right with this show.

Some other notes…

The vending machine scene with Melissa and her boyfriend reminded me of that scene in “The Office” where Jim sticks all of Dwight’s desk supplies in the vending machine. Although not as romantic. Obviously.

We also have to talk about the continued evolution of Principal Ava. Janelle James is actually taking the character to the next level. Just remarkable work.

See you next time.

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