Not Dead Yet: Gina Rodriguez ghost comedy is spirited enough for a look

“Not Dead Yet” looked great in the previews, so I was happy to give the new Gina Rodriguez ABC comedy a try when it arrived on screens this week. And the early results are a promising comedy that gets a little too frantic at times, but does deliver by the time the credits begin.

Rodriguez plays Nell, a washed up newspaper reporter heading back to her old publication after a life losing streak, where gets stuck writing obituaries. The only problem is that she’s haunted by the ghost of her subject she’s writing about in her draft.

The show fumbles during the initial reveal of Nell’s “power” with Rodriguez sprinting around on screen aimlessly for several minutes. She’s almost overacting for much of the pilot.

But when things settle down, and we get to enjoy the actual flow of the program with a solid supporting cast including “New Girl” alum Hannah Simone, its actually pretty enjoyable. The ghost in the second episode is a great character but I couldn’t find her name anywhere.

Its going to be interesting to see where Rodriguez (who is also an EP here) decides to take the program. “Not Dead Yet” finds itself being the best show about newspapers on its own network (looking at you Alaska Daily) but only the second best comedy about ghosts on prime time TV, behind Ghosts on CBS.

Still, if you’ve got the time on your TV watching calendar, and want something that doesn’t take itself too seriously while offering a dash of warmth, then this might not be a bad bet to take.

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