American Auto: “Wastefulness is weak tea”

American Auto was back this week with a new episode and we had layoffs, as the group from Payne Motors had to figure out how to cut costs, as Katherine fights to save her job after giving up her golden parachute.

So, they went with Jack’s “red wedding” idea of laying off older executives. And we had a still very green Jack fumble his layoff with Sid, opening the door to lawsuits over ageism. We also had Dori and Wesley try to cut costs by eliminating amenities around the office, such as extending the use of tea bags in the office to 3-6 uses and then putting the leaves under your tongue.

“Wastefulness is weak tea” the duo announced.

A running gag was Katherine going out of her way to look younger the entire episode. The loudest single laugh of the show was Katherine offering Sadie the rest of her botox needle.

Ultimately, the entire thing was a failure. A funny failure but not good for the company.

I enjoyed the pods that the group broke up into. And it was good to see Matthew Moy back this week.

But let’s get serious for a second. If you enjoy this show, you need to start making noise. The numbers aren’t that great. It’s not holding it’s Night Court lead-in.

We could go into theories about why. It could be the 8:30 time slot change. Although I’m not sure where the viewers are going during that half hour window.

All of this is unfortunate because the show is funnier than it was last season. Its improved.

It was Valentines Day. Let’s hope things get better on a non holiday.

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