July 24, 2024

Will Trent: Selantis is a franchise level villain we need to see again

Great episode of Will Trent this week. One that introduced a potential big bad for the series and a couple of other characters that I have some feedback on.

Let’s talk about the villains from this week’s show. Tech giant Selantis. They were really impressive and perhaps it was the excellent ace direction of this week’s show, but they were also rather scary. There was the opening scene with the home invasion. The murder of the reporter in the restaurant. The shootout in the post office (that mailbox gun shot was pretty intense) and the final video conference that genuinely had us wondering which way the GBI was going to go.

This is what a major villain on a network prime time show should look like. It could take on any shape. It can threaten in a number of ways.

And what I enjoy about Selantis is that it works on the complete opposite side of the room as our protagonist. Will uses his mind and visualizes matters. Selantis is a tech company that uses electronics and algorithms. This is a great potential feud that I would like to see more of.

Some other notes.

I don’t trust that Rocky guy.

Honestly, I forgot that Amanda and Faith were related. Hearing the former make that baby comment completely threw me off. It was good acting though.

Nico stole from Will. She needs to be gone. Instead, she gets an apartment. Not crazy about that angle.

Angie and Ormewood are gelling as a secondary pod. I have a feeling it will only get better.

See you next time!

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