July 24, 2024

Abbott Elementary: Acting Principal Eddie felt like a try out for a potential spin off for Ava

Abbott Elementary is one of the best shows on television. This week’s “Fire” episode was the best of the season (so far).

But I want to talk about the first few minutes of the episode after the fire began. More specifically, Principal Ava jumping in her car and bolting, leaving acting Principal Gregory Eddie in charge. Sweater and all.

It sure felt like a try out with Gregory being principal. Which we’ve touched upon before when Ava got in trouble for holding the superintendent’s affair over his head.

I think what “Fire” proved is that Gregory could be the principal and that the show could still be funny without Janelle James.

That’s not a diss on James. The exact opposite. It could mean that she could get her own show.

ABC loves spin-offs as much as the other networks. The alphabet currently has two “Rookie” shows and has spun off “Grey’s Anatomy” twice already. Quinta Brunson and James have already proven they’re both box office.

Why wouldn’t they be exploring ways to expand the “Abbott Experience”?

They could also go the other way with it. Gregory could get a spin off if they wanted to be particularly dramatic and not have him and Janine get together. I’ve said it before. Happy couples make for boring television.

Some other notes.

The Smokey Robinson, Waiting to Exhale, and Cow discovering a fire joke, all landed with me. I thought the entire episode was “meat”. It didn’t waste a second and it was a laugh a minute. Miss Janet is a good character. I’d like to see her again.

And hopefully, I’ll see you again next time. Great episode!

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