July 23, 2024

Poker Face: Explaining the ending of the racing “Future of the Sport” episode

Another week, another excellent episode of “Poker Face”, and congratulations to Natasha Lyonne, Rian Johnson, and the rest of the spectacular team that put this pleasant surprise together on the show’s renewal for season 2. It’s just fun television.

But let’s talk about the ending to “The Future of the Sport”. The story of two feuding dirt racers that resulted in the daughter of one of those drivers almost getting killed due to sabotage.

Just like last week (story HERE), the episode skipped the “mop up” period where they usually arrest somebody and the characters share a laugh and ride off into the sunset. Heck, this week we didn’t even see police.

Instead, after Charlie herself outdrives the young upstart Davis, after discovering that he rigged the seatbelts in his own car to fail so that his rival’s daughter would drive a car that was originally sabotaged by her father, Owens. There was little doubt that Davis was going to try to kill Charlie to keep her quiet.

Instead, the next day at a race, we see Charlie walk up to Davis and tell him that Katy, the daughter of Owens survived. And that he’ll never be the best. She walks away smiling on en route to her next adventure.

The last shot we see is Davis’ hand shaking. We saw that same shot of Owen’s hand at the beginning of the episode.

Owens tells his wife that “he lost his flow”. And he can’t help but think there is someone out there that he’ll never be able to beat.

For Owens it was Davis that caused his hand to shake.

For Davis it’s Katy. The young daughter of his rival that embarrassed him on the Go-Kart track earlier in the episode.

We never see Davis get arrested. For all intensive purposes, he was never even discovered.

But Davis will never be the future of the sport. That is his penance for being a psycho.

And that’s why Poker Face is one of the best shows on TV.

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