July 24, 2024

Animal Control: Premiere proves goofy premise might be funny enough to work

What I can tell you about Animal Control, the new comedy on FOX, is that it’s premiere has one of the most memorable cold openings on recent television. I mean, where else can you see a rouge weasel catch fire to both itself and a living room set?

And that really is the premise of the show. And its off to a solidly funny start.

Joel McHale stars as.. Frank (5 points to FOX) an ex cop who ends up working at animal control. There you have the usual cast of supporting players with Vella Lovell and Michael Rowland sticking out early, and we get to see this team go out on calls and bring in the baddest animals in Seattle.

Everything in the premiere works for the most part. Even a sing-along about poop. But as expected, the show brings the most laughs when our protagonists (?) are fighting to control the animals.

I’m going to be on board early for this one. I wish it had been a two episode premiere. I want to see more.

And its also good to see FOX try to buff its Thursday night comedy line up. I wish they had kept Pivoting instead of Welcome to Flatch, but I digress.

Let’s talk about now. And at the moment. Right now. Animal Control appears like its going to be a fun time.

I’ll see you next week.

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