July 23, 2024

Not Dead Yet: Why Nell might be mentally ill, and why she might not be

Another episode of “Not Dead Yet” in the books, along with some more answers on both Nell’s history and her ability to see the dead people that she’s writing these obituaries about.

There is a case to be made that Nell’s character could be going through some mental illness.

First, we learned that she suffered a miscarriage and that the tragedy led to the end of her relationship with her former fiancee. There is a lot going on in her head and it feels like she could be leaning towards another breakdown at times, especially when she was confronted in Cricket’s bar by Sam. It wouldn’t be a surprise to see someone collapse under all of this.

But there are other points that lead that she’s not ill and that she indeed has superpowers that allow her to see the dead. She does know these intimate things when she’s writing these obituaries which has led to tolerance from Lexi, who seems like she’s ready to accept her from week to week. She wouldn’t know those things if the ghosts weren’t real.

We have to talk about the return of Monty. We knew that ghosts could return when we saw Piper pop back in during the same episode. But that was only after she was reassigned the obituary. Monty has no outstanding business besides making sure Cricket moves on with her life. Hey. We get more Martin Mull. You’re not getting any complaints from me. Now bring back Jane, the motivational speaker.

“Not Dead Yet” continues to move in the right direction. While this episode did drag during the BOGO scenes, it is allowing me to invest and continue watching to discover what exactly is going on here.

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