Will Trent: Most sharply directed and funniest episode to date comes with concerns

Let’s start with the good news. This week’s episode of Will Trent was possibly the best directed of what we’ve seen so far, and definitely the funniest.

While we can’t ignore the serious moments of “Two Hundred Dollars and a Bus Pass” such as when Will reflects on how Allison Schooner, the main victim, worked her way up through the same system he’d been a part of to make it to college, there was also a lot of funny moments as well.

And I’m talking about Angie and Ormewood’s murdered magician case. The interrogations where completely nuts and that reveal, which is the art of this post was enjoyable and borderline wacky television. After all the killer was indeed so “tiny”.

While I normally don’t talk often about direction on individual episodes of TV, it was impossible to ignore here. The listed director, Geary McLeod, who’s done other big network projects as well, just crushed it. The angles used in this episode, including the shots during the fire drill and the discovery of Darla in the lab with all of the blood was visually immersive. I continue to enjoy how ‘Trent’ has its own unique look.

We do have to talk about ratings though. We’re going in the wrong direction.

We had one of the best episodes of the season but we’re still seeing some slippage in the numbers. We don’t have a season 2 renewal yet and that worries me.

There is something very “Stumptown” about Will Trent that we have to keep an eye on if we want this show to continue.

But hopefully, we can keep this creative momentum going into the future weeks.

See you next time!

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