Alaska Daily: Show returned after a really long hiatus to a satisfying resolution to its cliffhanger

Alaska Daily was back this week after a ridiculously long winter break, that was an indictment at how ABC was handling the Hilary Swank journo-drama (story HERE). Almost four months.

Still, we were back tonight with Eileen Fitzgerald being held at gunpoint by “Concerned Citizen”, a brainwashed radio listener who wanted Eileen to “confess” to being a compromised member of the media. Gabriel happened to be hiding in the archives and sent for help to the rest of the team.

And the rest of the team considered how to cover the stand off. Eileen managed to build some rapport with her captor, Eric Berry (not the football player) and got to learn about his story. We also learned something about Eileen too. Daughter of a teacher and a mill worker. We needed that background. The snipers could have had him shot but Eileen declined. It wouldn’t be long before Berry would find Gabriel too.

Despite Eileen making some progress with some her captor, Berry decided to serve himself up for the snipers pointing a gun at his hostages causing them to kill him. Gabriel would notice that there was not a magazine in his weapon.

It wasn’t a bad episode of television.

The challenge for Alaska Daily now will be not to fall into the same rut of preaching and boring subplots that never pay off. We got some of that preaching to end the show.

Let’s see where we go. Alaska Daily still hasn’t been renewed. We’ll see what the viewership numbers look like. But at least its back on television where the rest of its first season should be uninterrupted.

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