The Company You Keep: Too much talent here for unnecessary campaign subplot

One thing “The Company You Keep” has going for it is the talented cast. They can act. They’re beautiful. They’re funny. And they’re many. You could peel almost anyone of them off and write a solid stand alone episode.

But we only get an hour a week and we’re still making first impressions. Which is why we need to trim any unneeded baggage.

And I’m talking about the David Hill campaign for senate. Its getting in the way.

Let’s take a look at this week’s show. We had that great horse con. We had the Birdie and Emma fencing. We had more great William Fichtner comic con relief. Even Ollie was doing fun stuff this time out (the captioning for the ASL and all of the other sequences are really neat by the way).

But my mind wants to switch off when we go back to the campaign.

Really, I would like to see more of the Daphne managing the mob stuff. I think the extra elements introduced this week were much more fascinating. The Ivy League educated attorney that can get dirty when she needs to, is a fascinating character enough for her own series.

If I want politics, I’ll watch The West Wing. I’m here for the con.

Some other notes.

The entire rollout at the horse track was a lot of fun. Kid in a candy store kind of stuff.

Martha Pope (played by TV veteran Jes Macallan) was great casting. Yet another character I could learn more about.

We got a cliffhanger. I can tell you that it feels like Daphne took Charlie. Its too early for any crazy story loops.

See you next time!

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