Saturday Night Live: Kelce and Kelsea get the win with both charm and uncomfortable humor

Athletes on Saturday Night Live are always a mixed bag. For every Peyton Manning, you’ve got an Andy Roddick. For every Derek Jeter, a JJ Watt. You never know what you’re getting when you tune in with these guys.

The good news for two time Super Bowl Champion and Kansas City Chiefs tight end, Travis Kelce, is that he’ll fall into the favorable bin of athletes to host the show, with a mix of charming twists and assists from his brother and uncomfortable comedy that kept us from getting bored.

We had a FOX and Friends cold open that was pretty lousy (SNL has been missing on their opens recently) but Kelce got us back on track with a fun monologue and the first assist from his brother, Jason, who he played against in the Super Bowl.

The winning skits included that ridiculous American Girl Cafe, which was the best of the night. We also had “Garrett from Hinge”, which gave us funny stuff from Bowen Yang. “Too Hot to Handle” which featured Chloe Fineman giving us some cringeworthy laughs. And another great United Way skit that you’ll remember was a Peyton Manning classic.

The Family Meeting was also a winner. Shout out to the writers who remembered “Streets of Rage 2”.

Didn’t care for the crying ex girlfriend skit. Props and prosthetics can work on SNL, it just didn’t work here.

Any Weekend Update with the Sarah Sherman news is a funny Weekend Update. Colin Jost and Michael Che also picked up that winning cadence of fast and funny. Increased LPMs (laughs per minute) have me looking forward to Weekend Update again.

Kelsea Ballerini is great. And she was just a vision here. Always great to see the occasional country music guest featured on SNL.

Great work this week. And social media loved it. We’ll probably see Kelce again. But how about Patrick Mahomes too?

Next week will be appointment television with Jenna Ortega (Wednesday on NetFlix) and the 1975. SNL should have a solid audience next week.

I’ll see you then!

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