Night Court: “Now that we’ve achieved all of our dreams, only death awaits”

Night Court had a tall task this week. After all, last week’s show was the best the “newboot” had given us so far. So, I wasn’t surprised when this week’s episode regarding a parasitic podcaster didn’t hit the same high notes as “Blood Moon Binga”.

But alas, here we were with Abby running into her true crime internet storyteller Remecca (Stephnie Weir) hero, who quickly took her offer of highlighting night court and turned it into her own derogatory campaign against Dan Fielding.

The show was mostly a miss. I thought the entire first and majority of the second block fell flat. Most of the jokes felt like eating lukewarm soup.

We did get some laughs with the metal detector. I thought that whole roll out was funny and felt that they could have taken it even further if they chose to. I was wincing each time Olivia walked in and out of that thing. We could have had some “Bull” comedy and it would have worked fine. Only Murders in the Building did it better though.

I also didn’t hate Olivia and Neil together. Dan and Gurgs also worked. Interchangeable parts make good TV.

The wrap up was a little underwhelming. While I wasn’t expecting the podcaster to melt like the evil witch in the Wizard of Oz, it did feel a little strange. This is also the second show about a New York podcaster that I’ve seen in less than a year that featured the sound person trying to take out their host.

Anyways. Its hardly anything to dwell on. The show already has a second season and I’m still very optimistic. See you next time.

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