The Mandolorian: We get a Bo Katan showcase and likely amusement park ride

Fans of the Star Wars saga were no doubt happy with this week’s episode of the Mandalorian that gave us a showcase into the animated favorite in Bo Katan, played by sci-fi veteran, Katee Sackhoff. We also got a concept for a ride that you’ll probably see at the Disney parks sooner than later.

And let’s talk about the defeated Katan, who just last week appeared to have been written off, freeing us up to look elsewhere for action. Thankfully, I was wrong as we were reunited this week and thrusted into a rescue mission with Grogu to find Din who was captured in the mines of Mandalore.

All of the action involving Katan was just terrific, including the observation of a skilled wielder of the Dark Saber showing us exactly what the weapon could do.

The episode didn’t quite end with a cliffhanger. But more of a “What’s next?” after Din tried cleansing himself in the waters of Mandalore, only to find a huge creature waiting for him in the water.

You know I’ll be here next week.

And let’s talk about Grogu. Already a walking toy that can be found everywhere from your local department store to Build-A-Bear. That escape from the mines just screamed amusement park ride. I can already see some kind of VR adventure where we’re all put into that pod as we try to evade a variety of deadly creatures as we try to fulfill some kind of non canon mission. You guys remember Star Tours. Right? Maybe I’m just old. Probably just old.

Anywho. Great show and I’ll see you guys next time.

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