The Last of Us and The Mandalorian: Yes, Pedro Pascal was saved by both of his “kids” this week

Right now, two of the biggest shows on television are The Last of Us and The Mandalorian. And both of them have the same lead actor/actors in Pedro Pascal.

Both shows have him paired with orphans that are more popular than he is, and end up under his protection. I’m talking about Grogu and Ellie.

And this week, he was saved by both of them on their respective TV shows.

On “The Last of Us”, an ailing Joel, is nursed back to health by Ellie, who successfully stitches him up and secure antibiotics from a false prophet and his cult, before she ultimately has to kill them herself.

And on The Mandalorian, Din is captured on a mission to seek redemption that may or may not exist, on his ultra dangerous homeworld, which forces “Baby Yoda” to actually board a spaceship, fly to a different planet and recruit someone who never wanted to see them again.

That’s a hell of a coincidence.

None of this should be interpreted as a complaints. Both episodes were very strong, and actually quite selfless work from Pascal. The extremely talented Bella Ramsey continued her awards worthy work in two consecutive episodes of hit television. And Bo Katan aka the wonderful Katee Sackhoff got her own showcase in the rescue mission for Din.

And the best part, is that there is still more for both of them to do. The Last of Us is poised for a big season finale with renewal already done. Secondly, the mission for Din’s redemption still has Bo and Grogu attached.

A great tie in for both excellent television shows.

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