True Lies: Watching Harry and Helen argue is fun

Well, hey. We’ve got ourselves some improvement. And the improvement is there because the cast is gelling and finding some chemistry.

Ginger Gonzaga and Steve Howey were a hoot this week, as Harry and Helen went to Madrid to stop a bioweapon, while moonlighting at a conference where they met two of their respective exes. And both of their exes happen to be successful, attractive, and unfortunate enough to find themselves being part of this mission.

But the best part is that the discovery of these exes lead to some jealousy among our newly found spy couple friends. The dialog back and forth between them with the entire team led by Gib playing instigator was fun TV. Helen and Ximena actually getting along for a stretch, while Harry having to rescue Harold, made things even better. And I think that’s what showrunners wanted here. A flying by the seat of your pants good time.

The best part of the show continues to be the aestethic. The animation is almost as beautiful as the cast. Even the Mrs. Myers stuff is starting to take. You know they’re going to look at that flash drive to see what Dana has been up to.

But let’s get back to the improvement angle. The show didn’t exactly blow it up in the ratings last night. The timeslot is no help, I can tell you that. This show must keep improving. But I think its doing that well enough. If you haven’t checked it out yet, then give it a look. Me? I’m going to stick with it.

Until next time.

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