Alaska Daily: Getting back to the main story is tough after long layoff

So far during its freshman season, the biggest story to come out of Alaska Daily hasn’t been it’s two time Oscar winning star in Hilary Swank, or its commitment to trying to pen a love letter to journalism, but rather ABC deciding to stick it on a shelf for several months just a few episodes after it premiered.

While last week’s cliffhanger resolution wasn’t too bad, getting back to the big stories that took place all the way back in mid October is really difficult. I found that out this week.

I’m having problems trying to recall exactly where we were in the cases of these missing or dead women. The show tried to bring me up to speed with little success.

And we’re still trying to tie up loose ends from the attack, and another major new storyline.

We had Eileen going to therapy, and Gabriel going through his personal problems after being held hostage. And now we have a potential sale of the Daily Alaskan.

And this is unfortunate because this week’s angle of the misallocation of funds by government may have been the most realistic and relevant spotlight the show has flipped on while highlighting news work.

But there was a big chance that you were distracted. Either by everything you’ve read up to this point, or the sadistic pastor introduced this week as well.

By the time we got to the big Gabriel news announcing that he wasn’t coming back to the paper, the string on our kite had gotten a little too long. It may have snapped for some of us.

We also have to talk about the ratings from last night’s show. They weren’t good.

What a mess. But we’ll stick with it for as long as we got it.

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