Animal Control: It was boring until the ear fell off and then boring again

Let’s not beat around the bush. “Animal Control” hasn’t been meeting it’s potential with such a fertile concept for a prime time network comedy. There haven’t been enough animals, and the show is spending too much times on things we don’t care about.

This week was very much the same. I don’t care about the Dolores and Frank hook up. I didn’t care about Ravi’s daughter. And I actually didn’t care about the Rick visit.

Until his ear fell off during lunch. That was funny. The joke was telegraphed about 3 minutes beforehand but it still landed.

This is a slapstick comedy show. That’s what we’re here to see. Ears falling off and crazy animals giving Joel McHale a tough time. Why aren’t we getting more of this? Are animals expensive?

I don’t care about Templeton’s love interest or Emily’s no show socks. Why are we wasting time on these things? They could have had an entire angle over the bear in the hot tub. But they passed.

So, the show is losing me. And looking at the ratings, it might be losing you too. The laughs are right there to be taken. Why aren’t they capitalizing?

There might still be some time though. After all, this is a FOX comedy. The same network that gave “Welcome to Flatch” a second season. Let’s keep rooting for it.

The name of the show is “Animal Control”. Let’s watch these guys try to control some animals. And preferably fail terribly.

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