July 15, 2024

Bel Air: Even with Uncle Phil’s approval, trusting Doc is going to be very difficult

Much credit to Bel Air writers and showrunners for creating a dramatic conflict that is genuinely tough to decipher.

Everything in our beings is telling us that Will can’t trust Doc. That he’s a parasite that has become very successful attaching himself to young and talented athletes at $10K a pop, with $500 dollars a month in dues, and a portion of their earnings in perpetuity or basically forever.

The reinforcement of that intuition is Uncle Phil, kicking and screaming the entire way, telling Will that Doc can’t be trusted.

But things got much more complicated this week with Aunt Viv successfully lobbying her husband to support his nephew after last week’s protest got him suspended and kicked off the basketball team. A serious setback for someone who dreams of playing Division I college basketball.

So, after a visit to the Zenith facility, and some edits to the contract, Will is now tied in with Doc, and romantically involved with his niece, Jackie. The closing conversation between the two doesn’t bode well for Will and the Banks family.

But I honestly can’t tell you how its going to go. Or how long it will take for Doc to show his true colors.

Some other notes..

We had a great time at the bowling alley. Didn’t we? The Will and Carlton montage threw me back to the “Fresh Prince” days. Not quite “Jump on it” stuff. But, still pretty enjoyable.

It was also both cringe and reaffirming, watching Hillary go out of her way to impress Jazz’s parents.

Bel Air is handling multiple arcs very well right now. That is what good TV shows do.

There won’t be a Doc or Uncle Phil knocking on my door anytime soon. If you enjoy what you’re reading, please help me out below. Thank you!

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