Not Dead Yet: 773N would be better off going home to work at a restaurant

Not Dead Yet was back with a new episode this week and the show, which had been teetering on the edge of mediocrity over the past few weeks, has been saved by either some final moment twists or some late breaking jokes.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case this week as the show went with the disappointed dad trope.

Nell’s dad came in for a surprise visit while she was writing the obituary for Carlos Garza, their favorite baseball announcer. Our favorite supernatural writer was also in the firing line for potentially getting canned as the newspaper had to navigate budget shortages and layoffs.

The story was..Okay?

My problem is when the negative solution presented for a hero’s journey is actually the best plan for the character to move ahead. Nell would be better off going home and working in her dad’s Puerto Rican restaurant in Fresno and making pasteles (which I haven’t had in ages). Leave all of this nonsense behind.

I dunno. I am a broke writer. It doesn’t sound too bad.

Nell would ultimately stay the course with her dad’s blessing. But sans seeing the dead people, Nell should probably get out while she can.

The show did supply some laughs thanks to Sam and Lexi, who continue picking up the comedy slack while our main protagonist tries to work things out. The art for this post was just too adorable to pass up, and I say it every week, but it’s great having Hannah Simone on my TV on a regular basis.

See you next time.

I don’t have a family restaurant to go home to. If you’d like to see me eat something else besides oyster crackers help me out below.

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