July 13, 2024

Gotham Knights: Harvey Dent, Carrie, level up with Duela

Gotham Knights was back this week with another new episode, and it looks like some other characters are starting to become more interesting as the show tries to attempt to hit a stride.

I’ve made it no secret that Duela is the show’s star as it introduces itself to audiences. Olivia Rose Keegan has taken the ball with a role as robust as the Joker’s daughter and made the most out of it. She was fun again this week as the gang tried to take out the mutants after they hijacked a gala.

They hijacked it because of Carrie aka Robin (Navia Ziralli Robinson) captured their leader. Carrie continues to grow on me as she shows us more of this universe’s Robin, and I suspect she’s only going to get better.

Then you’ve got Harvey “may or may not be Two Face in this universe” Dent played by Misha Collins who’s been doing this 25 years and doesn’t need an endorsement from a blog. With such a young cast, his character and presence has been an anchor.

The others need some work. I’m not going to dunk on a bunch of young actors who are already successes, but when you remove one of the three characters from above from the story’s equation, the show drops a gear. This isn’t uncommon for a CW DC show where the product regularly suffers when the title character isn’t on screen. But its trickier with an ensemble like this.

Its also not lost on me that the legacy characters like Two Face, Robin, and The Joker’s daughter, are popping early while the others have less mainstream ID to work with and will require more time.

But the show was still good this week. And it’s the CW. Let’s not pretend like they don’t have any space to experiment some.

See you next time.

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