Animal Control: “I’m emotionally tormenting someone because its fun”

And it’s on to episode 3 of “Animal Control”, and we get more of the same with some slight improvements. The show continues its best work when its actually trying to keep these animals under control.

The cold open was good as the guys tried to bring in a cougar that turned out to be a stuffed animal. But it was actually Frank selling that story of the man with no lungs coming in third in the New York Marathon that got the loudest laugh out of me for the entire episode. That Churchill on the Mariners line was also good.

It’s 2023. We don’t need opening credits unless its Peacemaker or Ted Lasso. Lets scrap that soon.

While I’m digging the Shred and Emily romance angle, I didn’t enjoy the whole googling to see the condition of his junk subplot. There weren’t any laughs there.

But Shred and Frank did kill it again trying to track down a stuffed animal to replace the one that they shot. Having Victoria turn out to be the “hot vet” that Frank thought he was texting was also good. I could go for a romance between those two characters. Victoria’s efforts had some unexpected effects however with that Dolores hookup. I did not see that final shot coming after the reveal though because they didn’t pounce on that right away.

Finally, the second most enjoyable part of the show was Patel boxing the kangaroo. Just another example of what my opening point was. Make the animals the enemy. It’s funny.

We’re three episodes in. And this show is kind of in the middle. What I’m watching is amusing but not completely hilarious. Let’s invest in some more animal encounters and keep tinkering with the comedic formula and we should be okay.

Still worlds better than “Welcome to Flatch”.

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