Rabbit Hole: “Would you eat your eggs, and shut up?”

Rabbit Hole was back this week, and the addition of a wonderful talent that has been doing great work for decades, has given the show a needed push. Unfortunately, more work will be needed though.

Charles Dance, who emerged and John’s dad, Ben, in the conclusion of the premiere last week, was in full effect this time out, as he tried to put a plan into place with his estranged son.

We got to see how Ben played out his faked death, as well as some insight into his personal philosophies, and how he plans to push his agenda forward.

It was fine. The truth is that I’m still trying to figure out how deep this show is. The plot is getting a little convoluted and I’m trying to get some direction over what they want me to feel and where we’re going.

And I’ve got to declare some real life objection. I’ve got a background in market research, focus group respondents don’t get to talk which makes that whole bit of people getting sick, fiction in its highest form.

Still, Kiefer Sutherland and Charles Dance (along with a Sunday release date where there isn’t much to see for the avid TV watcher before prime time) gives Rabbit Hole some time to work with when it comes to this blog.

I’ll be looking for some clarity over the next couple of weeks. Mostly, something solid to oppose. While corporate espionage and the algorithms of control may sound good on paper, they make for awfully lame adversaries in practice, and we’ve already had one too many people jumping to their deaths in this series.

See you next week.

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