June 23, 2024

NBC mixing up American Auto, Grand Crew, and Lopez vs. Lopez is an overdue attempt at finding viewers

I enjoy most of the NBC sitcoms. I don’t enjoy the effort that NBC is putting into making sure that they’re given an honest chance to succeed. I’ve said that their comedy block, located in the Friday night entertainment desert is hopeless. Not even Dwayne Johnson was able to grow an audience there with “Young Rock”.

And that’s unfortunate because their programming is actually pretty good.

American Auto is their best comedy at the moment. Better than Night Court (you know its true).

Grand Crew hasn’t had a bad episode in their second season.

Lopez vs. Lopez started very slowly but hit a hot streak there for a little bit.

All of these shows are better than any live action comedies on FOX at the moment.

So, it’s unjust to have them fail because NBC has to stack two of their other nights with franchises.

‘Auto’ is finishing its run. Lopez vs. Lopez will get a try-out between ‘Court’ and I’m not sure..The Voice? Which will be nice.

Unfortunately for ‘Crew’ they’re still stuck on Friday nights. They’ll get two episodes in the desert. Their numbers are bad, they need to mobilize some kind of support.

Its tough to predict what NBC will do. They might have to replace up to four of these shows (including the likely concluded ‘Rock’), but its the symptom, not the disease, for a network that once ruled comedy with their legendary Thursday night line-ups. Those were some good times.

And these are good shows. The cast and showrunners are doing their jobs. Its the Peacock who clearly prefers single branded dramas instead of making people laugh.

Let’s hope they can change it and find a way to do both.

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