July 24, 2024

Succession: Yeah, Roman probably killed Logan

That was pretty trippy. Wasn’t it? Tonight, on Succession showrunners decided to blindside everybody by killing off Logan Roy, ending Brian Cox’s magnificent run on the show, and setting us off to a sprint to the finish for the best show on television.

You guys know that Roman probably killed his old man. Right?

Roman, upset that he was tasked to fire the woman who had essentially been his mother/girlfriend/best friend, left a dumb message on his old man’s voicemail.

And that was it. It probably upset him, he went into the bathroom, and had a heart attack.

Why do I think this?

We have to look at where Logan was at the end of the last episode. His birthday was a flop, and he went to go see his kids at a Karaoke Bar before one of them was going to get hitched. He bared his soul and basically came away with nothing.

Then things started working with Roman. He might be able to do something with his baby boy. It could be the start of something bigger. But he needed a blood “sacrifice”, and Gerri hadn’t been right with him for some time. She’s not family. She can go.

But his son flakes. Again. And this titan of business had been disappointed for the last time.

Really, all of the kids killed Logan. He died a sad and disappointed man.

And that happened because the one crevice of hope he had, was taken from him because his *ick pic texting son couldn’t step up when he needed to.

This is a theory. We’re not sure what exactly happened. It’s likely that we’ll find out whether Logan listened to the message in upcoming episodes. They could use this against Roman.

If they do, he deserved it. He’s a coward and it shamed his old man.

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