June 23, 2024

Movie Review: “Cocaine Bear” is so, so dumb, but not without suspense

It’s “Cocaine Bear” I don’t think I have to offer too much more of an introduction about a film based on events that took place in the southeastern wilderness back in the 80s.

The movie is all about a black bear that finds a cache of the powder, becomes addicted to it, and will kill anyone to get its hands on more of it. The film hits streamers this weekend after an ace marketing campaign that doesn’t try to be anything more than it really is.

And the film is done in that same fashion.

We get Keri Russel, Matthew Rhys, and Margo Martindale, slumming it in the most unlikely “The Americans” reunion you ever saw, trying to either find some kids or regain possession of the white stuff while escaping the wrath of the Cocaine Bear.

Director Elizabeth Banks, knows exactly what she’s doing. She’s said it herself “its a bear on cocaine”. A bear on cocaine can be horrifying, as we see this amped up resident of the wilderness become a super villain as it dismembers several characters in the most gruesome way possible.

We also observe the same bear taking a bump off of severed limbs. That’s entertainment. You can’t tell me that you’re going to be bored watching that.

So in that regard, Cocaine Bear manages to “get over the net” by taking the lowest of roads possible. And it’s completely unapologetic in doing so. At almost exactly an hour and a half, it also doesn’t want too much of your time. Banks is low key, a solid action director.

And so, yeah, it’s okay. Screen it with expectations of exactly what it is and you’ll be fine.

Cocaine Bear


Rated: R

Running time: 1 hour 35 minutes

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