Grand Crew: “The Guy with the Dragon Tattoo”

Grand Crew was back this week, and the show is continuing its upward trajectory in it’s second season with another fun episode that used the strengths of all of its cast members, and gave us some more sharp dialog.

We had two pods, with the guys tagging along with Anthony as he accepted his alumnus of the year award. There was a fun side story with Big Sherm playing some auction “chicken” to win a dinner with Zeb, a Steve Jobs meets Elon Musk type, and he pulled off the hustle successfully. Normally, characters lose that game. But it would haunt him anyways as Zeb would steal his ideas. He’d get another opportunity at the end of the show with Zeb’s associate though.

Anthony had to write a speech and ended up crushing it by simply speaking from the heart. These two, along with Noah and Wyatt have given us some of the best guy bonding TV this year. I really enjoy it.

But the ladies were busy too, with Nikki and Fay pulling off a yard sale hustle of their own, but selling a valuable bottle of wine by mistake. They would have to track down “The Guy with the Dragon Tattoo” who bought and have a drinking contest with his brother to get it back.

We’d ultimately learn that the yard sale was done because Fay was moving to New York. Anthony learned this after his celebration, leaving the two to consider the future in her empty apartment as the show ended.

Excellent TV. We’ll be getting double episodes of ‘Crew’ here soon. The show still needs a lot of help. Watch it. Tweet about it. Talk about it. And then watch it again on Peacock over the weekend.

See you next time!

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