June 23, 2024

Succession: Shiv got hustled by the guys in her family again and we’re out of excuses

“Oh, Siobhan. You let them do it to you again.”

Shiv Roy is my favorite character on my favorite TV show. She can’t stop losing and I don’t know what to say anymore.

In case you missed tonight’s episode of “Succession”, which follows the sibs after the death of Logan Roy (Brian Cox was missed tonight, by the way. He will be for the rest of the series). The trio, along with the remnants of leadership set up by Logan, had to decide on who to move forward with out front.

Following the plan of succession and a piece of paper found in Logan’s safe, we ended up with Roman and Kendall.

After a contentious discussion, Shiv was left out, with only a promise to be brought into the fold at a later time.

It was the same kind of promise her old man made on the first season of the show. That never came to fruition.

It was the same kind of conversational hustle that lead to her being locked out on who to support for President. The same choice she opposed made his presence known tonight.

And it was the same kind of poorly placed trust that allowed her to get betrayed by her own husband, when she tried to rush the throne with the same siblings that outflanked her tonight.

What else is there to say?

For the sake of suffering Shiv fans like myself, and those on social media (I see you), lets hope that we’re preparing to see a last minute resurgence that leaves her in a good place as the show ends. Let’s truly hope so.

Because she’s played the worst game possible up to this point. (Sarah Snook. You’re doing awesome work.)

See you next week!

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