July 15, 2024

Succession: Fans debate whether Logan underlined or crossed out Kendall’s name

Has a single line ever caused so much trouble on a television show?

Its a fair question after last night’s episode of Succession that saw the aftermath of the death of Logan Roy. And if that weren’t chaotic enough on it’s own strength, there was a complication added.

A piece of paper found in Logan’s safe that had Kendall’s name on it. There was a line that appeared to be both underlining and crossing out his name. When Logan edited the paper is unknown. And there is no other context provided.

This set off a debate online. Was Kendall’s name underlined, emphasizing that he was Logan’s choice to succeed him?. Or was it crossed out, cementing his convictions to look elsewhere for leadership?

We don’t know.

Team underlined pointed out the beginning of the line. It begins underneath the name and takes an upward slope.

Team crossed out says that there would be no reason to underline a name on that kind of correspondence, and the edit illustrates the late fallout between the two.

Then there are questions on why Cousin Greg’s name is on there.

Either way, Kendall finds himself in the driver’s seat with his younger brother moving towards the homestretch.

A flash poll taken last night on Twitter shows a slight lean toward the theory that it was underlined.

Was Kendall’s name underlined or crossed out? (Picture in the thread). #Succession #SuccessionHBO

— The Frank Torres Report (@ftrtoday) April 17, 2023

What do you think? I can tell you that the episode is a walking advertisement for making sure your will is updated.

See you next time.

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