The Company You Keep: A harsh reminder for fans like myself who like Daphne better than Emma

Great episode of “The Company You Keep” this week. So much so, that I’ll be doing a couple of posts in the coming days on the action packed episode, as networks go heavy on reruns this week.

Let’s start with the “love” triangle. And love is in quotations because you can’t really get a romantic pulse on its participants, with Emma, Charlie, and Daphne, all running their own separate cons this week.

Despite the premise of the show, which leaned on a connection between Charlie and Emma, it’s actually Daphne who seems to be gelling better with Charlie these days. They recently spent time together at the secret retreat, and they had a solid opening scene this week.

Meanwhile, Emma got a cold reception at the bar from Leo to start things off. It would actually be the op with Birdie (which I asked for last week, thank you showrunners), and her rescue of Leo at the end of the show that would get her back on everyone’s good side before the credits rolled.

But search your feelings. Daphne is the better fit. Why won’t it work though? Why is Charlie still better off with Emma?

Look no further than the pilot.

Daphne is a criminal. Charlie was dating another criminal when the show started. He got conned by her which set up the entire series. If Charlie would have been dating someone like Emma from the jump, then his family might not be fearing for their lives right now.

That is my anchor when I start seeing Daphne and Charlie together. It’s a steep drop back to earth.

Anyways, if you like my CYK content, check back tomorrow and Wednesday for more posts on Leo and the Hills.

Until then…

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