Drops of God: Wine fortune chasing drama series is off to a flying start

Finally, something that feels real and hasn’t been rebooted to hell six times over.

I’m talking about Drops of God. The newest Apple TV mini series that deals with two figures tied to a recently departed wine mogul, who must compete against each other in a tasting competition to determine who inherits 87,000 bottles of wine worth roughly $148 million dollars.

In one corner, you’ve got Camille Leger, the estranged French daughter of the late Alexandre Leger, who was drilled since childhood into having a palate so strong that she can only eat green beans and rice, and can’t even stomach the slightest taste of alcohol without her brain going into shock.

On the other side you’ve got Issei Tomine, the Japanese spiritual son of Leger, who’s also a prodigy but is being beaten down by his powerful family and being forced to stay on the traditional track despite his dream being a few sips of wine away.

The series, based on a Japanese Manga (a medium I know nothing about) had its two episode premiere this weekend and I’m hooked. This trilingual, international affair is so well done that it hooks you almost instantly and there isn’t a shred of predictability to be found anywhere.

While it may center around wine, it’s really coming off as a love letter to the way the brain works. In addition to snappy dialog in French, Japanese, and English, you’ve got shoutouts to memory palaces and the power of all of the senses. It’s well acted and because of how broad of a scope it is, the playing field for drama leaves no room for boredom.

I’m invested. And if “Drops of God” can keep up this pace, it could be something really special when its all said and done.

See you next week. I can’t wait.

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